Case Study #1

Securing Class A Service and Solutions

Kastle Security Systems handles 65 Class A buildings in New York City alone. So when they decided to include an individual picture and barcode on the security pass labels they print for each visitor, they called Weeks Lerman.

Our dedicated sales force and in-house print department worked with Kastle to restructure the labels and source the order. Furthermore, because the new labels would need new printers for application, we seized the opportunity to provide printers that would maximize efficiency.

Kastle has implemented the new security labels in all of their buildings across the city and recommended our services to their partners. At Weeks Lerman we don’t just deliver products; we solve customers’ problems.

Case Study #2

Spending Less at the Office, Getting More at Home

Looking to reduce their supply-spend by 10% and improve employee efficiency, Valley Hospital called Weeks Lerman.

We analyzed their company-wide product usage and developed strategic product recommendations aimed to reduce cost without compromising quality or performance. To ensure the products met their needs, we enabled product recommendations to be sampled and tested by the Valley Hospital users before switching. We reduced their list of contract items from 500 to 200 products. Furthermore, we designed and implemented a custom e-catalog to facilitate easy online purchasing. To top it off, we developed an employee-direct purchasing program allowing all VH employees to purchase products for personal and home use, at the low VH contract prices.

Not only did we help them meet their savings goal, our recommendations saved them 30% in ink costs alone! Valley Hospital was so thrilled with the service and results that they contracted us as their go-to vendor for three years.



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