12 Ways to Go Green at Work

Below are 12 helpful tips to go green at work.

1) Spend Smart on Green
The purchase and use of environmentally-friendly products can have a big impact, and not just on the environment. Buying green affects everything from worker safety to the bottom line.

  • Products that are reusable, refillable, more durable or repairable create less waste and are more cost-effective in the long run than disposable or single-use products…

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“Do I Need to Keep This?” Record Keeping Solved!

If you can’t squeeze another file into your overstuffed drawers, if you’ve run out of space to stash your storage boxes, you’re not alone. So much for the “paperless office” we were promised decades ago, American businesses are drowning in it. What to do with all the copies of invoices, bank statements, receipts, personnel files, and other records? How long do you need to keep them?…

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How Green Are You?

Learn to mail a package the smart way

You carry canvas bags to the grocery store, recycle curbside and turn off lights when leaving a room. Great! Now kick it up a notch and look for even more ways to go green at home and work. Start by learning how eco-friendly you really are and in the process you’ll discover more ways to help protect the environment. Answers are provided at the end. Good luck!

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