Government Customers

The Weeks Lerman Group, LLC is a member of AOPD (American Office Products Distributors, Inc).  This alliance enables us to extend prices, terms and conditions of an NCPA contract to municipal agencies as AOPD was recently awarded a contract (NCPA11-01) under Region 14 Education Service Center.  This award resulted from an RFP submitted by AOPD to NCPA, the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance.  Region 14 ESC, the lead public agency, partnered with NCPA to make the resultant contract available to all participating agencies in the United States.

The NCPA program will work for customers who are required to purchase through state or other contracts issued through a public agency clause.  This clause provides that any county, city, special district, local government, school district, private-12 school, higher education institution, state, government agency, healthcare organization or nonprofit organization may purchase products through this nationally competed contract.

We are additionally pleased to advise you that, through this contract,  will be able to secure net pricing that is aggressive pricing similar and in many instances lower than those on the 2012 New York State contract!

We are excited about this partnership and look forward to the opportunity to provide your organization the superior service and competitive pricing for which The Weeks Lerman Group is known.

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