The Weeks Lerman Group Renovations are Under Way!!


And so it has begun! 

After months and months of careful planning, running around and choosing new aesthetics, the destruction of what once was The Weeks Lerman Group’s headquarters is underway.   By early 2019, we can expect to see a new and improved office having risen from its ashes.  We’re talking ceilings, walls, floors, offices! A complete makeover! 

Neville Mota, Director of our Contract Furniture Division, is heading this project.  He’s been working around the clock to keep things on schedule and copacetic.  Another person deserving a big shout out is our Office Manager Michele Rios.  She’s been staying late every day, and working her butt off getting the rest of us in line as we are all responsible for cleaning our own areas prior to the construction teams beginning their work.    

We can’t forget to thank our wonderful President and CEO, Sid Lerman!

After all, he’s footing the bill.  

Stay tuned, as there are more updates to come! 











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