Winners Announced: 2013 Emerald Award for Sustainability

This December, Emerald Brand honored four clients with the first annual Emerald Award for Sustainability. The award is presented to companies that have made remarkable achievements in sustainable practices. Individual awards were given to leaders in the following industries: Distribution Channel, Industrial Facilities, On-Site Food Service Operations, and the Hospitality Sector.

“We are proud to recognize forward-thinking professionals who have made a real difference this year,” says Ralph Bianculli, Jr., Vice President of Emerald Brand. “Their commitment to preserving the environment has been exceptional. We anticipate a growing awareness amongst progressive businesses, leading to increased action toward reducing their carbon footprint.”

This year’s winners included The Weeks Lerman Group (Distribution), Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry (Facilities), Citi (Food Service), and WNW Hospitality Group (Hospitality).  Collectively, the winners of this year’s Emerald Awards saved 2,564 trees, 301,683 pounds of virgin fiber, 534,095 pounds of landfill waste, 806,210 gallons of water, and 87,411 pounds of plastic material.



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