Green Solutions

A Lean, Green, Sustainable Machine

A few small steps make a world of difference.

We get it.

There are countless pressures increasing the need to take a greener approach to your business. We’ll show you big and small steps your business can take from office supplies to furniture, we have the solutions.

We got it.

We can help you:

  • Convert your purchasing mix into one that’s more eco-friendly
  • Design and execute a comprehensive recycling program that saves the planet and saves your business money
  • Build green awareness amongst your employees and clients
  • Document your green progress for records

Extensive Green Product Offerings
We offer over 4,700 everyday green office items. Products include furniture made from nontoxic plastics and plant-based materials, as well as printing supplies like remanufactured toner that reduce toxic landfill waste. Search for these items when needed or allow us to build greener choices into your company’s product preferences.

Recycling Programs to Bring Your Green Initiatives Full Circle
Expand your green initiatives with printer cartridge and small electronics recycling, including cell phones. This enhances your sustainability commitment and reduces waste in your community landfills.

Carbon Footprint Reduction in Your Supply Chain
With Weeks Lerman, sustainability practices are woven into the everyday operations of our supply chain. A single source means a single delivery, immediately reducing electricity, natural gas, fuel consumption and your carbon footprint.



By guiding your product mix and use, instituting processes and promoting new habits, we make it easy and affordable to be green.